Solid Vibes

About the project:

Solid Vibes Magazine is an offshoot of NME magazine focusing on rich stories about music, uncommon perspectives of music theory and depth on creative process through interviews and artists profiles, non sensational and upfront.

An article about Punk has been requested to be added within the magazine.

A variety of music genres were mixed through collage on the front cover, connecting Folklore related imagery with Punk elements, showcasing a diverse but meaningful variety of content related with the aesthetics of music.

Punk visual language, colours, type and roughness were added to engage with the readers interested in Punk history for the article. 

A typeface was created to complement the article, called ‘No stress’. 

Key words for the cover:

Profound – Passionate – Vibrant

Key words for the article:

Out of step – Authentic – Inspiring

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